Hazel-E finally got her “beak plucked,” as she calls it, and gave fans a brief look at her new nose after going under the knife. The former “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” star, who previously admitted to having insecurities about her nose, shared a short video on Instagram showing what she looked like after surgery.

In the video, posted to her account Saturday, Hazel has two black eyes and has her nose and upper lip covered in a huge bandage. “Ouchie,” she says in the video as the camera pans to IVs in her arm. In the video’s caption, Hazel explains that she had to extend her hospital stay but was doing OK.

“This was an intense surgery,” she wrote. “But I’m recovering doing ok! Had to extend the stay because of extreme dehydration but [her doctor, Ashkan Ghavami] on his way to come visit.”


Hazel announced earlier this month that she was getting her “beak plucked,” aka a nose job. The rapper didn’t reveal why she wanted to have work done, but she has been open about how hurtful it is when people criticize her looks. On Season 1 of VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood,” her co-star Masika Kalysha accused her of faking an ATV accident in Dubai so she could secretly undergo plastic surgery.

According to VH1, Masika commented on an Instagram post about Hazel’s accident, writing, “b---- love ‘I was in an accident surgery’ gone get the beak hacked in half snuffaluffagus we been waiting girl. We ain’t mad.”

During an episode about Hazel’s accident, the rapper started crying when she opened up to friends Teairra Marí, Christopher Milan and Nikki Mudarris about her nose. “We all know my insecurities about my nose,” she said. “How much on social media they call me ugly … my nose was a trending topic for four weeks.”

During her confessional, she added: “In Hollywood, it’s all about how you look, and nobody’s more aware of that than me. It’s so hurtful that people and the blogs believe everything that they hear or read on social media, even if it’s not true.”

Even though Hazel and Masika had their issues on the show, Masika did reach out to her former VH1 co-star, writing that she didn’t think Hazel needed the surgery but said she’s “going to look amazing."