Ex-Toronto mayor Rob Ford has been admitted to a hospital to restart chemotherapy, following more than a year of cancer-related health problems that caused him to step away from his notorious 2014 mayoral bid and win a council seat instead, CBC reported. Ford’s staff announced Thursday that he would be admitted to Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto to undergo more testing and chemotherapy for a newly discovered tumor on his bladder.

The former mayor and his brother, Doug, first divulged the news of the tumor last week, explaining that Rob had been in “excruciating pain.” The former mayor told media he was “99 percent sure” the tumor is malignant, and called upon his supporters to help his young children and wife if he should pass.

“It’s emotional,” he said. “I worked so hard to get to this point. I was getting in better shape, I was feeling great, better than I ever have in my life, and now I’m just right back to square one. I have to start all over.”

The former mayor underwent multiple rounds of chemotherapy and radiation last year after being diagnosed with liposarcoma – cancer of the soft tissue. Ford had been declared cancer-free last spring after the tumor was removed in a 10-hour operation. So far, Ford has received no definitive test results showing organ involvement or the size of his new tumor, according to a statement from his staff.

“Councillor Ford wishes to assure the people of Toronto that he will continue to provide assistance however possible,” the statement said, adding that Ford is still on call and providing both his office and home phone number.

The Canadian politician became an international sensation in 2013 after Gawker and the Toronto Star obtained a video that appeared to show Ford smoking crack cocaine. Ford denied the allegations for months before admitting to using the drug while he was in a “drunken stupor.” After a two-month stint in rehab, Ford resumed working in spite of widespread calls for his resignation.