A lockdown at a U.S. Army base in San Antonio, Texas, was lifted Sunday night after a driver of a suspicious vehicle was taken into custody, local media reports said. A military spokesman reportedly described the lockdown as a “high-security incident” but other details about the incident were not revealed.

Authorities reportedly conducted an investigation at Fort Sam Houston during the lockdown, which continued for nearly five hours. Traffic was blocked from entering the base, while some drivers said they saw a bomb squad vehicle, an ambulance and a military police vehicle entering the base, the New York Daily News reported.

"There were no other passengers in the vehicle at the time and emergency personnel report no other individuals are suspected of being involved," spokesman Alex Delgado said, according to CBS News.

Todd White, director of public affairs for Joint Base San Antonio, reportedly denied claims that there was a shooter inside the premises.

"There is no active shooter," White said, according to a local report. "And nothing to indicate there ever was."

The 3,000-acre Fort Sam Houston facility is the home of the U.S. military's medical operations and is part of Joint Base San Antonio, according to The Associated Press.