The whole third season of "The Fosters" built up to this moment. Would Callie (Maia Mitchell) be adopted? The summer finale ended with the long-awaited adoption hearing, but Callie's surprise affair with Brandon (David Lambert) at the end of the episode 9 complicated things. How would it all go down in episode 10, "Lucky?" 

The episode begins as Callie and Brandon wake up after their steamy night in the cabin. As the two cuddle, Callie tries to brace herself for how upset her moms will be when Carmen outs her and Brandon to the social worker. Brandon says they will be more upset that they will not be able to adopt her now.

However, when the pair returns home they get a big surprise. Rita (Rosie O'Donnell) is with Stef (Teri Polo) and Lena (Sherri Saum), and they have big news. The social worker plans to recommend Callie's adoption. Rita later tells Callie that as repayment for Callie helping to clear her name, Rita convinced Carmen (Alicia Sixtos) to keep Callie's secret. However, Callie and Brandon are left very confused about what to do about their new secret. 

Meanwhile, Stef and Lena are faced with throwing an anniversary party for Dana (Lorraine Toussaint) and Stewart (Bruce Davison) -- despite their marital issues. Then, Stef, on top of coping with the reveal that Lena kissed Monte (Annika Marks), gets a call from the doctor. Her recent mammogram came back inconclusive, and the doctor requested she come back for more tests.

Lena, on the other hand, is worried about Nate (Travis Schuldt) showing up to ruin the anniversary party. He arrives unexpectedly at her school and apologizes for the racial slur he used against her mother. However, when he gives Stewart's poor behavior as a father as an excuse for his hostile language, she leaves the conversation dissatisfied. When she tells her mother about the conversation, Dana confesses that the reason she was not angrier at Nate was that she knew he said what he said to hurt her father, not her. She urges her daughter to have some compassion. 

Lena faces problems on all fronts in this episode, as Monte confronts her about the problems she caused in Lena and Stef's relationship. Monte confesses that she is in love with Lena, but Lena is dedicated to her marriage. When Lena tells Stef about the conversation, the talk turns into a screaming match. Lena confesses to liking the attention Monte gave her because of the distance that had grown between her and Stef, but Stef says they have too much going on for their relationship to be the No. 1 priority all the time. 

That night, Callie pays a visit to Brandon's room, and the pair tell each other that they love each other. However, they promise never to tell anyone they had sex, vowing that Callie's adoption is more important. 

At the party, Nate shows up, and after some initial tension makes peace with the father. Lena finally accepts Nate's apology as well, even though she learns that Dana reached out to Nate and not the other way around. 

Elsewhere, Jude (Hayden Byerly) and Connor (Gavin MacIntosh) have a talk. Earlier in the episode, Connor's father had caught them getting a little intimate, resulting in an awkward moment between Lena and Jude as she gave him "the talk." However, things were not so pleasant on Connor's end of things and he tells Jude that he will be moving to Los Angeles to live with his mother. Jude is upset but is more hurt when he learns that Connor was not being forced. Rather, he asked his father if he could move. 

Meanwhile, Stef gets the results of her mammogram. Lena sees her duck away to take the phone call and follows her. Stef is fine, and the health scare prompts the couple to set aside their recent troubles and make up with one another. 

Then, it was time for the moment every fan was waiting to see -- Callie's adoption hearing. After arriving at court, Callie learns that the judge had seen the video she made criticizing him and the foster care system. Her lawyer urges her to apologize, but Callie refuses. Instead, she makes an impassioned speech advocating for the rights of all foster kids. The judge, to Callie's surprise, is impressed. He approves the adoption, and Callie is officially a Foster.

Callie's speech also made Jude realize that Connor needed to be in a home where he was accepted. 

There was one more surprise left in the episode. The family returned home to find Jesus (Noah Centino, taking over the role from Jake T. Austin) waiting for them! It also seems like he is here to stay, as he whispers to Mariana (Cierra Ramirez) that he can not return to boarding school. The family is all together again and a little bit bigger. Fans will have to wait for the spring to find out what happens next.