The Fosters
Callie (Maia Mitchell, left) and Brandon (David Lambert) get hot and heavy at the end of episode 9 of "The Fosters" Season 3. ABC Family

At the end of episode 8 of "The Fosters" Season 3, Brandon (David Lambert) showed up outside of Girls United looking for Callie (Maia Mitchell). While they might make "Brallie" shippers the world over rejoice, it is bad news for the family if they want Callie's adoption to go through in court. With the family all headed to Brandon's Idyllwild concert, secrets would surface.

Here's how it all went down in episode 9, "Idyllwild":

The episode begins with Callie in group therapy where she presses Carmen to explain why she is accusing Rita (Rosie O'Donnell) of punching her face and not Brooke (Alessandra Torresani). Brooke is not too happy about this and after therapy, threatens Callie to back off or else she will have her boyfriend go after Callie. Later, while Callie is taking out the trash, Brooke makes good on her promise when her boyfriend tries to hit Callie with her car. It looks like she is going to have to take Brooke pretty seriously.

Meanwhile, it seems as if Callie will have more problems to deal with as Stef (Teri Polo) gets a call telling her that the social worker found inconsistencies in Brandon and Callie's story. The news stresses out Stef, who is already obsessing over solving the hit-and-run accident after the lead she got in episode 8.

On top of that, Jenna (Suzanne Cryer) and Monte (Annika Marks) are going to Brandon's Idyllwild concert and Jenna has the bright idea of a couple's weekend with Stef and Lena (Sherri Saum) in her friend's cabin. Lena is not happy about that plan.

On a brighter note, Mike (Danny Nucci) finally has his foster license so A.J. (Todd Williamson) moves in with him. Unfortunately, no sooner does A.J. move then he gets some distressing news. His grandmother has suffered a stroke. Mike and A.J. go to pay her a visit. She is fine, but they are surprised to find A.J.'s brother, Tyler, at the hospital. A.J. is devastated to find out that Tyler plans to leave town. Mike and A.J. try to convince Tyler to stay, but he refuses. However, Mike has an idea and steals the pen Tyler used to sign in to the hospital guest list.

Back at the Girls United house, Callie confronts Carmen and discovers that Carmen had used drugs recently, jeopardizing her chances of getting into the army, and Brooke had threatened to rat her out. That is why she agreed to set up Rita. When Brooke pressures Carmen to confess, Carmen says the army is her only option and she has to take care of herself. When Callie threatens to get her mother involved, Carmen counters with a threat to expose Callie and Brandon to the social worker.

At Idyllwild, Brandon struggles to get his piano to play his piece the way he envisions it. Eventually, he gives up and decides to find another player. Just then, Mat (Jordan Rodrigues) shows up out of the blue. He took some time off from his band's tour to support Brandon. Mat tries to convince Brandon to play the piece himself, but Brandon says he "would almost need an extra hand." Mat says he thinks he can help.

Meanwhile, at the Idyllwild cabin, Lena and Monte show up to find that each other's partners could not make it until later. The pair are left alone for the night with a dozen bottles of wine -- thanks to a store deal both of them mutually found. As the two chat and discuss Monte's relationship, Jenna shows up to awkwardly interrupt the flirty pair.

The next day at the concert, Jenna shows up alone. Monte and Jenna had broken up the night before.

When it's Brandon's turn he announces he will play his own piece even if it means disqualification. To handle the difficulty of the piece, Brandon uses a looping pedal, courtesy of Mat, to give him that "extra hand." The piece is gorgeous and a hit with the crowd. It also seems to spark some feelings in Callie -- even Mat and Mariana (Cierra Ramirez) seemed moved enough to contemplate their relationship while listening.

Unfortunately, after the concert, Callie gets some bad news. Rita is going to be charged with assault. In response, Callie sends Rita audio she recorded earlier of Carmen confessing the truth about the incident. The decision was a tough one for Callie as she knows it could jeopardize her adoption.

Elsewhere, Stef gets some bad news herself. Jenna reveals that the reason Monte and her broke was because Monte has feelings for Lena.

All the bad news makes it a little bittersweet when Brandon is announced as the winner of the concert!

At the party after the concert, Mat approaches Mariana and says he wants to get back together. Mariana has no problems with that idea! The two find a private spot to make out and Mat confesses that he has never had sex. He wanted to wait because he wanted them to lose their virginity together someplace special. He suggests that now is as good a time as any, but Mariana feels guilty and admits to having sex with Wyatt (Alex Saxon).

Mat and Mariana are not the only ones dealing with relationship tension. Callie asks Brandon about him stopping by Girls United, but he denies it.

However, an ever bigger relationship problem is looming over the family. When Lena gets home from Idyllwild, Stef confronts her about her relationship with Monte. Lena claims that Monte kissed her and that she did not tell Stef because it meant nothing. A tearful Stef counters that Lena would have said something if it really meant nothing.

Later that night, Callie tells Brandon that she sent the audio to Rita and that it will likely doom her adoption. Brandon is worried about Callie and the romantic tension is thick between the pair, but they decide to play it safe and just say goodnight. But later, Brandon sneaks into Callie's room and they have sex. It looks like the Brallie romance is about to get a whole lot more complicated.