“The Fosters” Season 4 will see Mariana (Cierra Ramirez) being stalked by her ex-boyfriend Nick (Louis Hunter) in the summer finale episode of the Freeform series on Monday night.

In the teaser released by Freeform for “Collateral Damage,” Mariana receives a phone call from Nick informing her that he got out of the mental hospital. He also urges her to meet up with him. 

At one point, Mariana calls her brother, Jesus (Noah Centineo), to tell him that Noah is following her. Upon seeing her ex, Mariana tries to run away from Nick, but the latter easily catches up to her. “Get in the car… Just get in the car,” Nick orders Mariana.

Meanwhile, Brandon (David Lambert) receives a letter from his dream school, Juilliard. After his audition, Brandon will finally find out whether or not he was accepted into the prestigious school. The teaser appears to hint on Brandon not being accepted into Juilliard because he runs to his mom Stef (Sherri Saum) crying in one scene. However, this could also mean that Brandon may have been crying tears of joy after finding out that he got accepted.

Prior to his audition, Brandon struggled with his relationships with his family, Callie (Maia Mitchell) and his girlfriend Courtney (Denyse Tontz), according to TV Guide. Brandon was also upset when Callie hooked up with AJ (Tom Williamson). But he later moved on for real when he headed to New York City and spent some time with a blonde girl who caught his eye, according to TV Fanatic

Callie and AJ will also have a falling out in episode 10, when he starts feeling threatened by the former’s close relationship with Aaron (Elliot Fletcher).

“Stop hitting on my girlfriend, man!” AJ tells Aaron, who then asks Callie, “Does he always get this worked up?”

“Watch your damn mouth!” AJ replies, shocking Callie with the intensity of his reaction.

“The Fosters” Season 4, episode 10 will air on Freeform on Aug. 29 at 8 p.m. ET.