Fox Business program Follow the Money, hosted by Eric Bolling, has gripes with The Muppets, a 2011 film.

The Muppets pits the protagonists against an evil oil tycoon named Tex Richman. Richman wants to tear down the Muppet Theater in order to drill for oil underneath.

Liberal Hollywood depicting a successful businessman as evil, that's not new, said Bolling.

Bolling's guest, Dan Gainor of Media Research Center, added: It's amazing how far the left will go, manipulating your kids to give the anti-corporate message.

Bolling followed with: Is liberal Hollywood using class warfare to brainwash our kids?

Absolutely, they've been doing it for decades, said Gainor.

Gainor said Hollywood hates the oil industry and corporate America. In addition to The Muppets, he cited Cars 2 and There Will be Blood as examples of anti-oil movies.

He complained that Hollywood does not tell the positive stories about oil, such as its role in fueling ambulances.

He also linked the Occupy Wall Street movement to indoctrinating shows like Captain Planet.

Andrea Tantaros, a commentator Fox Business, added that liberal media wants to target children at the youngest age possible.

She also complained about the Muppet Lily, a hungry Muppet, and linked her to entitlement programs like Medicaid and food stamps.

At the heart of Bolling and his guests' complaint is that liberal Hollywood allegedly paints material success as evil and indoctrinates children with the ideology of class warfare.