Hacker group SwaggSec has hacked one of Foxconn's servers, leaking the company's internal information such as usernames and passwords for clients and employees, according to a statement SwaggSec has posted.

People might relate the hacking with the recent reports about the company's bad working condition, low wage, and lack of respecting workers' rights, or are the hackers interested in digging out the truth about the highly-anticipated next generation iPhone, dubbed iPhone 5? SwaggSec said they did it just for fun.

We hack for the cyberspace who share a few common viewpoints and philosophies. We enjoy exposing governments and corporations, but the more prominent reason, is the hilarity that ensues when compromising and destroying an infrastructure, the post read.

The hackers bypassed the company's appropriate firewall nearly flawlessly. But with several hacking techniques employed, and a couple of days in time, we were able to dump most of everything of significance, the post continued.

Almost all the usernames and passwords in the company were leaked, including the company’s CEO Terry Gou.

9to5Mac has verified the logins worked. However, currently the servers have been disabled by the company.

Foxconn, Apple's major product manufacturer, was criticized recently for the long work hour, low wage and harsh working condition met out to its workers.