Despite the fact that Frank Ocean keeps getting pressure from fans to drop his highly anticipated “Boys Don’t Cry” album, it doesn’t seem to be worrying him too much.

On Thursday, a video surfaced that showed the West Coast crooner having a car race in Los Angeles with Tyler, the Creator, instead of being in the studio finishing his album. According to Fader, A$AP Rocky was in Tyler’s car the whole time, and he recorded everything on Snapchat. “Do you want to race?” you can hear the former Odd Future leader scream. “Hey Franky, watch how little bro do it.”

As we previously reported, a lot of fans thought “Boy’s Don’t Cry” would be arriving on August 5, but it was released. Shortly after, Ocean uploaded a photo of a library card with a series of dates printed on it, and some believed it indicated that the project would be out in November.

From there, a lot of people expressed their disappointment about the many delays, so Malay, one of Ocean's producers — who's real name is James Ryan Ho — gave them an explanation during an AMA on Reddit. In short, Malay said the album won’t be released until all the necessary tweaks are made, and it’s fully ready for public consumption.

“First of all, we all massively appreciate and love you guys,” he said on August 15. “Frank has told me this himself many times: To be fair, art cannot be rushed. It’s about making sure the perfect aesthetics for the situation has been reached. To do that takes constant tweaking, trial and error. That goes for any creative [project].”

Meanwhile, rapper Lil B said that he’s working on the “Boys Don’t Cry” album, which he confirmed in an interview with Dazed that was released on Wednesday. “He called me to come out and do some stuff for his album ‘Boys Don’t Cry,’” he revealed. “He’s a beautiful man with a beautiful voice. He’s a very strong man, a very strong person. Anything that I can do to help him, I will.”