Sprint is giving away the Samsung Nexus S 4G in a Web only deal until the end of March, possibly to clear the way for the new Samsung Galaxy Nexus and LG Viper. The only catch is the deal is not for upgrades. It's only if you sign a new contract or add a new line to an existing contract. We've heard the Galaxy Nexus will finally leave its Verizon birthing ground for Sprint on April 15, and if that is true, this Nexus S deal would make some sense.

When the Nexus S launched (Dec. 2010), it was the first phone to run the Android 2.3 Gingerbread software system. It's a Google branded phone like the Galaxy Nexus and the first Google phone, the Nexus One by HTC. As such, the Nexus S should have been the first phone to get the Android 4.0 update. A partial roll out of the update was aborted in December 2011, and we've heard reports the update will continue eventually. We'd like to think this would be a good time to grab the Nexus S in hopes it could be your next Ice Cream Sandwich device, but not with the Galaxy Nexus rumored to be so close to launch.

While the Galaxy Nexus price isn't known yet, it will be more expensive than the Nexus S for sure, but we simply don't know when the new software system will arrive. You could get the free Nexus S and then wait another couple months for Android 4.0, or just save up for when the Galaxy Nexus arrives and get Ice Cream Sandwich right away. One final bump in this Android road. The Galaxy Nexus is supposed to be an LTE phone, and Sprint has said that system won't be ready until summer.

So either the rumored April 15 release date is wrong, Sprint is rolling out LTE early or the Galaxy Nexus will debut without LTE. Begin the slideshow to see the Nexus S up close and a bit more about Android 4.0. Tell us in the comments if you'd consider switching to Sprint for the Nexus S or the Galaxy Nexus.

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