If you’re starting to panic about not picking up a Thanksgiving card to send to those loved ones you won’t be able to visit this holiday, we got you covered! Virtual cards, aka e-cards, are a perfect and quick way to let your family and friends know you’re thinking about them even when you’re miles away.

Below, we compiled a list of the top five websites where you can get creative, funny and thoughtful e-cards completely free of charge. Check them out.


This site lets you choose from pages and pages of festive e-cards to send, via email, to your family and friends. Some of the cards come with animated pictures, while others play cute videos as your message flashes across the screen. 123Greetings lets you completely personalize everything, and you can also schedule a date to have it emailed.


Someecards are perfect for those who want to send their loved ones a sarcastic and funny message. They have a range of cards you can send, including one about the presidential election. “Just wanted to say how excited I was to see you at Thanksgiving until I heard who you voted for,” the card reads.

The site also has a hilarious animated card for the girl who’s tired of her family asking about her dating life at the Thanksgiving table. “May you spend Thanksgiving with too much food in your mouth to have to explain why you’re still single,” it reads as a lady chows down on a turkey and shrugs her shoulders.


Punchbowl has super cute Thanksgiving e-cards. You can either keep the pre-written messages that already appear on the cards or you can change it to your own personalized message. The site also allows you to personalize the envelope by changing the inside liner, the postage stamp and the note that appears on the outside of the envelope. In order to send your free e-card, you have to create an account first.


Maybe you don’t want to send a regular e-card, and would rather send a funny video e-card that tells your family and friends how much you miss them during the holiday. If that’s the case, then you should check out Kisseo.com. You can pick from several different videos, like dancing apples to a list of things to be thankful for. The videos are easy to personalize and take just a few seconds to send.


This site has tons and tons of e-cards you can send, and all they are separated into different categories — like “feelin thankful,” for the fam and for the lovers — to make browsing a lot easier. All the cards are customizable.