After shutting down internet rumors about his son O’Shea Jackson Jr.  starring in a new “Friday” movie, Ice Cube has now revealed that a “Friday” sequel could happen. According to Ice Cube, he has had a meeting with New Line Cinemas about the film but the “ball is in New Line Cinema’s hands.”

The rapper and actor tweeted about fake movie stills featuring his 25-year-old son and comedian DC Young Fly as the characters Craig Jones and Smokey. Cube, 47 revealed that the photos were posted by a fake Jackson Jr. Facebook account, as his son doesn’t have an official account. After saying that the ball was in “New Line Cinema’s hands,” Cube went on to say that the “bat” was in his, implying that he’s ready to make another “Friday” film.

Ice Cube has previously discussed a “Friday” sequel before. In 2014, during a Reddit Q&A, Cube said a sequel was stuck in “development hell.” “The next ‘Friday’ movie is caught up in development hell at New Line Cinema. Pray that we get it outta there.”

Originally released in 1995, “Friday” has spawned two sequels: “Next Friday” (2000) and “Friday After Next” (2002). The original film has gone on to gross $28 million and according to Ice Cube, has become part of the “American culture.”

“To me, it’s one of the number one movies you check out when you’re baked, or you’re getting down," Ice Cube told Rolling Stone in 2015. "There’s people that have ‘Friday’ parties, where they rent all three movies and just kind of enjoy ‘em.”

“It's morphed into this big thing, and it started off as this little, cool idea,” he added. To me, that’s what I’m most proud about: It's become part of not only just American culture, but there’s people all over the world that really love it. That's how movies should be.”

Like his father, Jackson Jr. has also shut down rumors about a sequel starring him. In February, during an interview with HipHollywood, the “Straight Outta Compton” star was asked about a sequel but said, “No, there’s nothing down yet, there’s nothing.” Pointing to his father, the actor went on to say, “No word from him.