SPOILER ALERT: There are massive spoilers for “Game of Thrones” Season 6, episode 9 below. Don’t read this article if you haven’t watched yet.

HBO audiences have never been so happy to see a man get his face eaten off. Ramsay Bolton was finally killed on “Game of Thrones” Sunday (by his own dogs), and it’s easy to forget that viewers hate him largely because Iwan Rheon is such a convincing actor. The 31-year-old worries that fans won’t be able to see him as anyone else in the future.

“I want to try and move away from bad guys because I really fear being typecast,” Rheon told the Independent earlier this month. “Because Ramsay is the first role like that I've ever played and it's a bit annoying it’s the one that everyone knows. I’d hate that it would just be that... I wouldn't want to be an actor anymore.”

It’s easy to associate an actor with a character, but Rheon isn’t always playing a manipulative sociopath. Sometimes he is even a romantic lead. Check out the roles that prove Rheon can be completely unlike Ramsay:

“Misfits” (2009-2011) — Rheon plays the nerd-turned-hero Simon in this British series. While doing community service, Simon and his fellow juvenile delinquents get caught in a storm that leaves them with superpowers. Simon starts off as the quiet nerd who can turn invisible, but he eventually wins the heart of the popular girl after doing some time traveling and learning some serious ninja skills. He’s essentially the romantic hero. Watch a clip below and tune in to the entire series on Hulu.

“Vicious” (2013-Present) — Turns out Rheon has a comedic side too. He occasionally appears on the U.K. sitcom alongside Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi. The older actors play a couple, and Rheon portrays their attractive upstairs neighbor. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like this series is available to watch in the U.S., but there are plenty of clips on YouTube like the one below:

“Residue” (2015) — Sometimes Rheon even tries to stop all the political corruption. In “Residue,” the actor plays Jonas Flack, a publicist who has to deal with a mysterious attack that leaves part of London contaminated. He knowingly gives false information to the public to keep them calm, but he is determined to figure out what really happened. Natalie Tena plays his girlfriend. The actress also played Asha on “Game of Thrones” — until Ramsay killed her. Watch the series on Netflix.