The recent "Friends" reunion may not have been all fans wanted it to be, but there's still hope. According to writer and director Eli Golden, a musical based on the series is coming in the very near future.

Golden sat down with Buzzfeed for an interview in which he revealed that "Friends: The One Where They Sing" would be premiering at MCL Chicago theater this summer. The show is 90 minutes long and, despite having "Friends" in the title, is completely unauthorized. He told the publication that the idea came to him after watching reruns of the hit 90s show which "means a lot" to him. He assured Buzzfeed — and loyal "Friends" fans — that this theatrical performance would do the show justice. He noted that fans of the show and musical theater in general would enjoy "Friends: The One Where They Sing." 

"I am a huge lover of musicals and really wanted to tell a great story while staying true to the source material. This is a musical for fans by the fans, both of 'Friends' and musicals in general," Golden said. "Between the cast, the band, and production team, we have stacked this show with funny and talented people, and that atmosphere is infectious."

Fans of the popular series, which aired on NBC from 1994 to 2004, have been praying for a reunion for years. While "Friends: The One Where They Sing" will not feature any of the original actors, it will likely fill the nostalgic void the same way the Feb. 21 reunion did. The six person cast — sans Matthew Perry, who was out of town on business — came together to celebrate director James Burrows. Joined by the casts of other shows he helmed, like "Taxi," "The Big Bang Theory," and more, the cast looked back fondly on his illustrious career. The show, titled "Must See TV: An All-Star Tribute To James Burrows," was hosted by Bravo's Andy Cohen, who made sure to ask the questions "Friends" fans have been harboring since the show was on the air.

As E! Online reported Cohen questioned the members of the cast who were able to attend about their lives off set. He raised questions about off-screen hookups, which left David Schwimmer and Lisa Kudrow squirming in their seats. Kudrow urged Schwimmer to "say something" quickly.

"Friends: The One Where They Sing" will run from June 10 to July 29. The musical's Facebook page shared a clip from a recent table read on Monday. Check it out here.