Even in the grave, Robert Kardashian Sr. can’t escape the TV spotlight. The late lawyer, whose survivors are now reality-TV royalty, is being resurrected on television through actor David Schwimmer. The ex-star of "Friends" will play Kardashian in the forthcoming crime series titled “American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson.”

Schwimmer said he recently spent hours talking with Kris Jenner -- ex-wife of the lawyer who died in 2003 -- in order to get to know her late ex-husband.

FX is currently shooting the series. As suggested by the title, the series will be about the 1990s murder trial of ex-NFL player O.J. Simpson, who was ultimately aquitted in the murder of his wife Nicole Brown-Simpson.

To prepare for the role of Kardashian -- who served as one of Simpson's defense attorneys -- Schwimmer told E! News that he talked with Jenner because he wanted to understand Kardashian's relationship with Simpson what was motivating the lawyer during the trial. Schwimmer also shared that Jenner spoke very highly of Kardashian, as she always does whenever his name is mentioned on “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” which stars Jenner and her family.

As many people know, Nicole Brown-Simpson was Kris Jenner’s best friend, and the Simpsons and Kardashians frequently spent time together prior to Brown-Simpson's death in June 1994. After O.J. Simpson was implicated in Nicole’s death, Kardashian decided to defend Simpson during the trial, causing a rift between the lawyer and Jenner.

Schwimmer said he feels lucky to have been able to speak directly with Jenner to better understand Kardashian. People has reported that actress Selma Blair has been cast as Kris Jenner. Cuba Gooding Jr. will star as O.J. Simpson.

The Nicole Brown-Simpson case is one of the most celebrated trials in modern American history. The series is already creating a buzz, with other high-profile actors like John Travolta joining the cast. The series has reportedly started production in Los Angeles.

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