The humble potato is getting some major respect at the Frietmuseum in the medieval city of Bruges, Belgium.

Created by the families Cedric and Eddy Van Belle, the Frietmuseum is an educational museum that explains the history of the potato from its humble beginnings in South America to the fry we know today.

Though we typically know them as French fries, the museum's creators prefer we used the name Belgian potato fry. Frietmuseum's Web site explains why:

Together with delicious Belgian chocolate, the Belgian potato fry is certainly the product that is the most characteristic of Belgian culinary expertise.  Over the years, fries have become known worldwide to the delight of adults and children in practically all countries, and we can be proud that they actually originate from Belgium.

Therefore, it is not only normal, but even absolutely necessary that the first potato fry museum should be opened in Belgium.

The museum also delves into how certain condiments came into play and why they are habitually served with fries.

Frietmuseum is housed in the historic 14th century Saaihalle building in Bruges and is open daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Have a look inside the potato-crazy museum below: