Lifetime premiered its latest original movie on Saturday night, “The Unauthorized Full House Story.” Created using old interviews and articles about “Full House,” the TV movie aimed to give fans of the '90s sitcom a look behind-the-scenes. But based on previous Lifetime “Unauthorized” stories, viewers thought they would be tuning in to watch a controversial two hours filled with big reveals and shocking drama. However, the flick as a whole was surprisingly quite tame.

Despite a drama-free TV movie, the cast of “Full House” wasn’t thrilled with it. A handful of cast members took to Twitter to react to Lifetime’s “The Unauthorized Full House Story”:

Prior to the premiere of “The Unauthorized Full House Story,” producer Stephan Bulka revealed to Entertainment Weekly that the movie was accurate, despite being “unauthorized.” The reason “unauthorized” was tacked onto the title was that no one attached to the Lifetime film spoke with anyone connected to the original ABC TV series. Instead, “online articles and interviews with the cast” were used to create the script.

“There’s a lot of humor in the movie and a lot of things fans didn’t really know before,” Bulka explained. “It’s really a love letter to the show.”

With that said, there were still some things the movie got wrong. “Full House” creator Jeff Franklin took to Twitter to reveal that he never got into a fight with Bob Saget on set. The movie featured one scene with Franklin (Matthew Kevin Anderson) yelling at Saget (Garrett Brawith) about acting appropriately – especially around the kids. This came after Saget allegedly got handsy with a mannequin in between shooting.

Franklin also corrected another scene involving Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. In the movie, a crew member had to hide behind the couch while filming to feed the Olsen twins their lines. Franklin joked that they never had anyone hide behind the couch ... but they did have to hide behind the other actors. 

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