The Tanner family is back! On Friday, Netflix will premiere its anticipated “Fuller House” reboot, which will continue the storyline of everyone’s favorite San Francisco family. But before the sitcom streams, there’s a few, interesting facts long-time fans of the show may want to know before tuning in.

Honestly, who knew “Full House” was so full of secrets?

1. The original name for the show was “House of Comics” and focused on the chaotic lives of a group of comedians living together in the same house. However, the network was looking for a wholesome family plot, which is when the idea for “Full House” was pitched. This story was explained in Lifetime's “The Unauthorized Full House Story.”

2. Danny Tanner was originally portrayed by John Posey, the father of “Teen Wolf” star Tyler Posey. The actor even starred in the unaired pilot, according to his IMDb page. However, the role was then given to Bob Saget.

3. Who is Uncle Adam? Apparently that was the original name for John Stamos’ character. But luckily for viewers, the actor pitched a much cooler sounding name, thus giving us Uncle Jesse.

4. Uncle Jesse wasn’t the only one who fell in love with Aunt Becky, played by Lori Laughlin. The actress was only set to appear in six episodes of “Full House,” but viewers fell in love with Danny’s “Wake Up, San Francisco” co-star and so the popular character became a central figure in the show.

5. During a Reddit AMA in 2014, the men of “Full House” revealed that their “filthy jokes” on set got them into trouble.

“We had a whole meeting to stop being so dirty on set,” Stamos revealed. “And from that day on … actually, nothing changed.”

6. Dave Coulier, who plays Uncle Joey, revealed to Mashable that he snagged his character’s beloved puppet Mr. Woodchuck from the set of “Full House” after the series concluded in 1987. But the wood-loving creature met his fate shortly after when Coulier’s yellow lab, named Ranger, ate Mr. Woodchuck’s face.

7. Coulier couldn’t help but prank his fellow cast mates while they were filming. According to Stamos, he would be filming a scene and Coulier would either walk on set not wearing pants or be causing chaos on the bleachers.

“I would sit in the bleachers and do this character that would drive my fellow actors nuts, where I would laugh too loud on purpose at their scenes,” Coulier explained.

8. The Tanner family’s pet dog Comet, known off-screen as Buddy the Wonder Dog, was also the same animal who portrayed the basketball-shooting sensation in “Air Bud.”

9. DJ’s school Van Atta Junior High was named after the show’s producer Don Van Atta.

“Fuller House” will stream to Netflix on Friday, Feb. 26, at 3:01 a.m. EST.