"Off with his head!"

– Shakespeare's King Richard III, Act III, Scene IV.

Scientists said Monday they have proven that the body of Richard III, the king William Shakespeare vilified in his play, was found under a parking lot in Leicester, England, CNN reported.

The news site revealed that DNA tests can prove that the remains belong to the king of England who was killed at the Battle of Bosworth Field in 1485.

"We're certain now, as certain as you can be of anything in life," Richard Taylor from the University of Leicester told The New York Times.

Since the bones were found in August, British scientists were able to determine their DNA matched a direct descendant of Richard III’s sister, Canadian cabinet maker Michael Ibsen.

They also found other evidence. They skeleton had signs of severe scoliosis (or curvature of the spine) just as history suggests the alleged hunchbacked villain appeared.

"I never thought I'd be a match, and certainly not that it would be so close, but the results look like a carbon copy," CNN said Ibsen told reporters.

The discovery of course is a great archaeological find, but the Twitterverse couldn’t help but make jokes over Richard III being found under a parking lot.

Comedian Gilbert Godfrey wrote, “A man brags "I got a chair that goes back to Richard III". His Friend says I got a couch that's goes back to Macys the 3rd!!”

Peter Serafinowicz, comedian and actor, also chimed in:

“I'm excited for them to find Richard III's car.”

Italian soccer player Mario Baloltelli shared:

“Richard III now holds the record for spending the longest time in a car park. Closely followed in second by Peter Odemwingie.”

But celebs weren’t the only ones talking about the recent findings:

@KngHnryVIII said, “Bugger. You've dug up Richard III & now Anne Boleyn will demand the same. Do you really want that? DO YOU???? #TudorProblems”

@dceiver added, “Lotsa "Tudor" sedans probably parked themselves on Richard III's bones too! (mostly Vauxhalls though, so the joke's on them)”

@Evil_Dumbledore tweeted, “Am I the only one who questions why the archeologists that found Richard III's bones were digging in the middle of a car park?”

@sickipediabot joked, “Richard III has finally been declared "1485 Hide 'n Seek Champion.”

@pattonoswalt referenced William Shakespeare, “Exeunt, buried under car park" -- Shakespeare's RICHARD III, 1st Folio.” 

The bones were found by using ground-penetrating radar, according to The New York Times. Richard III’s remains will be reinterred early next year in Leicester's Anglican cathedral, only 100 yards from where they were found.