Move over James Bond. A bear caught on camera in Colorado is ready to challenge your impressive feats of athleticism. A video posted Tuesday shows the young bear hanging perilously from an elevated platform deck in what KGO News describes as something akin to “a cat on one of those 'hang in there' posters.”

In the video, he hangs perilously from the ledge and looks down. Legs dangling below, he conjures the strength for one last pull toward the railing. He bites it. He pulls himself further, finally getting up and over onto the safe platform beyond.

The homeowner caught the display and said that she occasionally sees bears in her area but that she’d never seen a bear do a pull-up like that before.

Apparently bears in Colorado have a thing for decks and porches this summer. Last month, a 300-pound bear had to be dragged out from under a porch after it decided to set up camp there two days prior. Parks and wildlife officials helped police to tranquilize the animal before they pulled it out. They then tagged it and took it to a facility to ensure that it was healthy.

It's well known that bears are, of course, pretty strong animals in general. But, what isn’t quite as well known is that they can work up a mental sweat, too. They’re reportedly very intelligent and have superior navigation skills to humans, a large brain to body ratio and use tools in a range of various contexts, such as hunting and playing. They’re also capable of showing some pretty basic human emotions, such as empathy, and are known to grieve their lost loved ones.

Bears also have great senses of smell, sight and hearing. They can smell food, their cubs or mates and even predators from miles away. Their eyesight helps them to figure out when berries are ripe or not.