Rihanna and Drake are the hottest new couple in the music industry right now, and the two are making their fans even more excited as Rihanna got a “permanent” symbol of their blooming romance.

According to Us Magazine, Rihanna got a shark tattoo that is inspired by a stuff toy her rumored boyfriend gave her.

On the Instagram account of tattoo artist Bang Bang (@bangbangnyc), he posted a photo of Rihanna’s new tattoo, which is located on her ankle. “Camo shark for my dear friend @badgalriri,” he wrote. “Also... I just found out you can zoom on IG- enjoy :)”

The new tattoo shows a tiny camouflage shark, which looks a lot like the plush toy Drake, 29, earlier gave the “Work” singer.

After Sunday night's VMAs, where Drake confessed he is in love with Rihanna, the hot new couple was seen engaging in major PDA at E11even nightclub.

Eyewitnesses told E! News that Drake and Rihanna spent the night “kissing, hugging and dancing close to one another” at their VIP table.

When it was time for Drake to perform, Rihanna danced to his music and “looked to be having a great time.”

“Rihanna and Drake were happy, not hiding and totally affectionate in front of everyone. At one point they were kissing and holding each other," another source said. “They seemed very comfortable with each other. Besides for when he was performing, they didn't leave each other's side.”

Even though they spent the entire night together, Rihanna and Drake arrived separately, with Rihanna showing up at the club around 2 a.m., while Drake followed shortly after at 2:30 a.m.

Meanwhile, Entertainment Tonight reported that Rihanna and Drake are an official couple, and it is only now that they have decided to make their relationship public.