Foreign ministers from Group of Eight industrialized nations on Friday condemned North Korea’s most recent nuclear tests on May 25 and April 5, calling them a threat to regional peace and stability.

Ministers, meeting in Trieste, Italy welcomed a U.N. resolution imposing further sanctions on the country, and urged North Korea to “abandon all nuclear weapons and existing nuclear programs as well as ballistic missile programs.”

It urged for the continuation of Six Party Talks to verifiably denuclearize the Korean Peninsula and urged against any “further destabilizing actions” by the country.

Below is the full text of the G8 ministers, as released by Italy's Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

We condemn in the strongest terms the nuclear test conducted on 25 May 2009 in violation of UNSC Resolution 1718/2006 and the launch using ballistic missile technology of 5 April 2009 which constitute a threat to regional peace and stability.

We welcome the adoption of UNSC Resolution 1874/2009 and call upon the international community to fully and transparently implement their obligations pursuant to this Resolution, including the prevention of transfer of proliferation-related materials to and from the DPRK.

We urge DPRK to fulfil its obligations under relevant UNSC Resolutions, to abandon all nuclear weapons and existing nuclear programmes as well as ballistic missile programmes, which affect international security, and to return to full compliance with its international obligations.

We remain committed to the goal of the verifiable denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula through the full implementation of the 19 September 2005 Joint Statement of the Six Party Talks. We demand DPRK not to conduct further destabilizing actions and resume its participation to the Six Party Talks.

We recognise the need for all participants to take measures as agreed in this format. We also urge DPRK’s prompt action to address the concerns of the international community on humanitarian matters, including the abduction issue.