Want to dress up your gadgets? Now you can get personalized attire for them!

Customization and personalization laptop skin is a brand-new trend emerging among laptop users and is the latest alternative fashion trend, particularly among youngsters.

The colorful decals (decorative stickers) are available in numerous designs. One can choose the desired skin and jazz up one's laptop, mobile, iPod and other gadgets. It not only gives a new look and spark to the device but also makes it truly yours.

U.S.-based company, Skinit, with corporate offices in San Diego, California, is the industry leader in consumer personalization for electronic devices. Skinit has recently announced an expanded leadership team.

When we tell our customers to 'make it yours,' we mean it, said Bob King, CEO of Skinit, in a press release.

Youngsters are getting more interested in personalizing their gadgets as it is now possible to get your own design and images, just with a click. One can get reproductions of a famous artwork, a group picture of your friends, family, your favorite band or perhaps your favorite football team. It could be anything that goes with your interest and personality.

Skinit's line of cases and protective film protects smart phones and tablets, while featuring your favorite NFL skin design. Our protective cases are great even for the rowdiest fan, says Laura Christine, Executive Vice President of Skinit.
Customizing has attracted people belonging to almost all age groups. The youth prefer getting gaudy and smart designs, while middle-aged people go for sober patterns.

It is an easy option over buying expensive designer devices, and also a very reasonable one for everyone who doesn't want to go through the pain of changing the old mobile or laptop for a new expensive one. People choose to buy an affordable gadget with preferred features and get their desired design at a much cheaper price.

Huge range of options

There are ample designs for everyone's taste. One can get their cell phones, laptops, gaming devices and Smartphones, as unique as the individual. Patterns ranging from floral patterns, cartoons, sports, entertainment and art to images, text, symbols and many of other designs are much in demand.

Skinit has also launched its latest skins themed to the Twilight Saga. The several options in the market range from skins of Bob Marley, for reggae music lovers to anything that an individual wants. With one click one can create something very unique from an ordinary product.

The cost of customization depends on the color and the base and one can buy the desired skin online for all the gadgets. The other option is to buy a DIY kit and do the designing yourself. The guidelines on the web and the videos on YouTube are sufficient to help one jazz up their device.

Another kind of laptop and mobile skin preferred by the executive and working class is the high-quality leather skin. It offers cushioned security to the gadget and gives a royal and elegant look to the device.

Customized skin is so much in trend that the Web site www.skinit.com claims to have sold more than 1 million skins, with a customer purchasing a new skin every two months on an average. There are several other Web sites which customizes almost all the gadgets. One of the most popular Web site is www.crystalroc.com. CrystalRoc offers a very exclusive and wide range of designed products, mostly made of Swarovski crystals.

Crystals on gadgets

Men who get envious of women decked up with beautiful diamond and crystal accessories can now get themselves noticed with crystal-encrusted earphones, mobile skins and headphones.

This is the most happening trend that has gained immense popularity specially after microphones studded with Swarovski crystals, customized by CrystalRoc, were flashed in live performances by celebs like Rihanna and Leona Lewis. Now, one can also have Swarovski crystals to adorn their musical instruments, microphones, pen drives, cameras, iPad covers, and even spectacle frames.

These beautiful headsets, caked with glittering Swarovski crystals, are called Jeweled Jawbones. This unusual trend has become so popular among young people that they are getting almost anything personalized. This trend is certainly here to stay and appeal to more and more people.