Col. Moammar Gadhafi, the longest-ruling Arab leader in history died on Thursday a humiliating and gory end when he was executed by rebel fighters.

The furious rebel fighters gave no mercy for life by the Libyan ruler for 42-years.

Rebel fighters from the National Transitional Council pulled him out from the drain where he was hiding. One of the video footage shows that Gadhafi begged for his life, saying, Don't shoot, don't shoot before he was shot.

The autocrat asked the rebel fighters: What did I do to you?

A gruesome video footage showed that the furious mob dragged his bloodied body through the streets amid celebrating crowds.

Later, someone among the crowd shouted, Keep him alive, keep him alive, following which the gunshots were heard.

Till the end Gadhafi was armed with a golden pistol, which has now become a prize trophy of the rebel fighters.

Gadhafi will be known as brutal dictator in history, but some of his family photographs portray him an affectionate family man.

Gadhafi had shared close ties with his second wife Safia Farkash, whom he met in 1969 following the revolt and their eight children.

It is also said that Gadhafi adopted two children, Hanna and Milad. Apart from that he had eight biological children; seven of them are sons.