Results of a survey showed that more than half of men would break up with their girlfriend if she gained weight compared to only 20 percent of women who would do the same. in partnership with surveyed a group of 70,000 people on whether or not they would dump a partner for weight gain, amongst 38 other relationship questions.

48 percent of American men answered "Yes" when to the prompted question, "Would you dump a girlfriend if she became fat?" Of the women who were asked the same question, only 20 percent responded "Yes."

According to "The Great Male Survey" mission statement, the purpose of the survey is to "shed serious light on how the modern man thinks and behaves professionally, romantically and in his downtime, in 2011."

Other findings in the survey showed that 78 percent of men can sense when a woman is faking an orgasm, though only 22 percent of women admit to faking frequently.

Another shocking discovery was 50 percent of men lie about how many sexual partners they have had compared to the 35 percent of women who lie.

The only common ground that men and women surveyed seemed to agree on was soon-to-be developed male birth controls pills. 50 percent of women advocate their partner's taking of birth control while more than 60 percent of men would want to take it, according to the survey results.

A data-driven site,, based upon this survey will launch in Aug. this year providing "more insights into manhood."

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