Watermelon-smashing comedian, Gallagher, has reportedly suffered a heart attack and was taken to a hospital in Texas minutes before he was set to perform.

The 65-year-old comedian, who's real name is Leo Anthony Gallagher, reportedly was complaining about chest paint before his performance at Hat Tricks in Lewsiville, Texas.  He collapsed and the club's promotional director reportedly preformed CPR on him, reported the Associated Press.

He was feeling the onset of a heart attack, said Craig Marquardo, Gallagher's manager, according to Huffington Post. He just didn't know it at the time.

Marquardo reportedly told TMZ that Gallagher suffered a mild to serious heart attack. He will remain in the hospital while doctors attempt to determine how serious the heart damage is.

However, doctors say he is recovering, but has been sedated.

Gallagher suffered an earlier heart attack about year ago while performing at Whiskey Bone's Roadhouse in Rochester, Minn., reported the Huffington Post. He collapsed on stage immediately after smashing an object.  TMZ obtained a video of the incident.

Two weeks after the incident, he explained to his audience what happened during a performance at New York Comedy Club in Boca Raton, Fla.

I almost died two weeks ago ... I guess God said, 'Wait a minute, Boca ain't had their show yet.' So it's not me, it's God's will we have this show tonight, he said on stage. You can like God all you want to but I'm pissed at him ... I had a heart attack while I was doing sledge-o-matic, which is gonna look great in the paper. But now I could die doing something stupid and my story won't be as cool.