When The Game — real name Jayceon Terrell Taylor — is not busy performing for the crowd or making music, he is preoccupied with daddy duties. This is evident in the 36-year-old hip hop artist’s Instagram posts, the latest of which speaks of how proud the “Dreams” hitmaker is of his 9-year-old son, King Justice Taylor, for nailing his modeling gig for Nike.

On Friday, The Game took to Instagram to share a snap of his youngest son hitting the runway for Nike’s Air Jordan brand. In the photo, King could be seen sporting an all-red ensemble and a red backpack to match. To express his pride and joy over his son’s modeling stint, The Game implied that King brought his A-game as expected.

A week prior, The Game also shared a photo of King alongside modeling and fashion industry newbie Balthazar Saint Tillman — the son of former American football safety Travares Arastius Tillman. The caption for the snap also alludes to how the rapper is encouraging his son to do what he likes aside from school.

While The Game seems to be at a happy place with his kids, it appears that this happiness could soon be interrupted. It was revealed this Saturday that the jury on The Game’s case with “She’s Got Game” reality show contestant Priscilla Rainey finally reached a verdict, and it is one that’s against the "Hate It or Love It" rapper.

The Jasmine Brand exclusively reported that the jury found The Game liable for damages to Rainey, who originally filed for a sexual assault case against the former back in August 2015. The jury reportedly reached a verdict four days after the courtroom started hearing testimonies on Nov. 14.

As of late, the amount of damages that The Game will have to settle has not been made public knowledge via the media, since a separate court hearing for the monetary aspect could be underway. It’s also possible that the jury has yet to file the amount of damages they want the rapper to pay Rainey.

Last year, TMZ revealed that Rainey filed the lawsuit in an Illinois federal court, claiming that The Game sexually assaulted her several times while he was “out of control” because he was drunk and high on drugs.

The Game has yet to comment on the jury’s decision.