“Game of Thrones” fans might think the Starks have already suffered enough for one family. But never underestimate the power of the show to stab a knife into your heart, pull your heart out and then use your heart to club a loved one to death before your eyes. Major spoilers ahead, obviously!

Some purported production stills have been circulating on the Web in advance of Sunday’s season finale, “Mhysa.” One shot in particular -- assuming it’s actually from the show and not the work of a fan -- confirms that a particular scene that one post-Red Wedding detail that book-readers might have feared coming is, indeed, included in the show.

To give a buffer for those that might not want to get spoiled just yet, check out this track from the show’s soundtrack. Mild spoilers in store for any musicologists familiar with the “Game of Thrones” leitmotifs designed by composer Ramin Djawadi:

Now, to the devastating image. Abandon all hope, ye who continue!

The Freys broke the long-standing tradition of hospitality in Westeros when they slaughtered Robb, Catelyn and his men after breaking bread with them. Now, it seems, they’re not content to just kill Robb; they’ve mutilated his corpse as well, for a final humiliation:


Yes, that appears to be Grey Wind’s head sown to Robb Stark’s body. As it was in “A Storm of Swords,” so it is in the show.