HBO premiered the preview from the sixth episode of “Game of Thrones” Season 4, titled “The Laws of Gods and Men,” which focuses on events that happen outside Westeros as Stannis and Daenerys strengthen forces to get the Iron Throne, while Tyrion will be facing his father in the throne room for his trial.

Warning: Full “Game of Thrones” Season 4 spoilers.

The 30-second promo of the sixth episode opens with Theon Greyjoy’s sister, Yara, demanding the whereabouts of his brother, while Ramsay Snow, who has already broken Theon’s spirits, shows up with his own men to fight back against Yara’s army in a battle.

Meanwhile in King's Landing, Tywin, Cersei, Lord Varys, Prince Oberyn and the rest of the council discuss the possibilities of Daenerys sailing to King’s Landing to try to take on the Iron Throne, as people hear she has been crowned the Queen of Meereen.

Tyrion is all set for his trial as he enters the throne room in chains, but his sister, Cersei, and father, Tywin, do not want him to take on the trial; instead, they want him to confess in front of everyone that he killed Joffrey. It is only Jamie who believes Tyrion is innocent and wants to help him at the trial.

On the other side, Stannis and Davos put their faith in a new strategy and set sail, appealing to the Bank of Braavos for money.

The fifth episode, “First of His Name,” opened with the coronation of Joffrey’s younger Tommen Baratheon, as the new king, and the possibility of Joffrey’s widow Margaery Tyrell’s marriage to the new king. The Lannisters need the Tyrells as the House Lannister is in debt to the Bank of Braavos.

Littlefinger, who had his hands on the murder of Joffrey, was revealed to be the mastermind. Lysa Arryn was the one who poisoned her husband, Jon Arryn, and she did so, on Littlefinger’s request. It was also learnt that Littlefinger was also the one behind the letter that Catelyn Stark received in  Season 1 of the series, in which Lysa accused the Lannisters of murdering her husband.

The last two episodes of the “Game of Thrones” Season 4 have been proving that Littlefinger could be the most dangerous man in Westeros.

"Game of Thrones" Season 4, episode 6, “The Laws of Gods and Men,” airs on HBO on May 11. There are only four episodes left in Season 4, which is expected to end in June.

Check out the preview video of “The Laws of Gods and Men” here: