In a recent interview, three cast members of HBO's "Game of Thrones" spoke about their respective characters. The actresses -- Keisha Castle-Hughes, Jessica Henwick and Rosabell Laurenti Sellers -- play the characters collectively known as Sand Snakes, who were introduced in the current season.

The Sand Snakes are the daughters of a character called Oberyn Martell. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, the actresses gave their insights about their respective characters and how each character was special.

Obara Sand (Castle-Hughes) is the most ruthless of the Sand Snakes, the actresses agreed. Castle-Hughes said the character isn’t very different from the one in the George R.R. Martin books on which the TV series is based. The actress described the character as a “warrior monk” who “meditates a lot when she’s not killing people.” The character is seen wielding a spear, just like her father.

Henwick said that her character, the whip-wielding Nymeria, was taught to use her weapon by her mother. Sellers plays the youngest of the Sand Snakes called Tyene, who was seen wielding double daggers in “Game of Thrones” Season 5. Sellers said that her character was “sneaky” and had a “seductive” side to her.

The two things that the actresses could not agree on was who has the “coolest weapons” and which character was loved the most by their father. All three actresses felt that their respective weapon was the best. Castle-Hughes pointed out that Oberyn also used a spear, just as her character, while Henwick and Sellers each contended that a whip and a girl wielding twin daggers were cool because they were never seen on the show before.

Talking about who Oberyn loves best among the three characters, Sellers pointed out that her character was the daughter of the latest lover of Oberyn. Castle-Hughes and Henwick both contended that the mothers of both their characters were dead and all they had was their father. Castle-Hughes finally said that it is up to the fans to settle this issue.

The three actresses had to go through some rigorous training for their roles. Castle-Hughes had to train in the martial arts of Wushu, Henwick explained how she [accidently] whipped herself many times while training and Sellers said that it was particularly difficult for her because she had never done any fight scenes before.

Episode 8 of “Game of Thrones” Season 5 may not focus on Dorne and the Sand Snakes. The promo pictures of the next episode, posted on Watchers On The Wall, reveal that the episode will mainly focus on Jon Snow beyond the Wall and on the story of Daenerys in Meereen.