Writer and producer Bryan Cogman explains in an interview why Season 5, episode 6 of “Game of Thrones” featured an “awful” wedding night scene with Sansa Stark. Sophie Turner also talked about the scene in another interview. [Spoiler alert]

Cogman wrote the episode. The writer/producer spoke to Entertainment Weekly about the scene and why it is important for the character’s future. Sansa is married to Ramsay Bolton and episode 6 featured a scene where he made his new wife strip in front of Theon and then consummated the marriage.

Theon grew up with Sansa but later betrayed her brother and she believes him to be the murderer of her younger siblings. The wedding night scene was difficult for even Theon to see. Cogman pointed out that it was Sansa’s choice to go ahead with the marriage in order to reclaim her homeland. She is no longer a “timid little girl” who married the cruel Joffrey, but a “hardened woman.” So, even though the wedding night scene was “pretty intense” and “awful,” she went through with it.

Meanwhile Turner, who plays Sansa, also spoke about the scene to Entertainment Weekly. The actress revealed that when she first heard about a possible love interest for this season she expected it to be someone like Jamie Lannister, who would take care of her.

Turner apparently “loved” the wedding night scene, even though it was “daunting” for her to do it. She said that she had been making Cogman feel bad for writing the scene, while she “secretly loved it.”

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