Actress Gwendoline Christie isn’t afraid to speak up to defend “Game of Thrones” and its repeated portrayal of violence against women. She plays Brienne of Tarth in the hit HBO series, which drew criticism for a brutal rape scene in the recently concluded fifth season.

Christie's character, Brienne, is a woman who grew up with abuse but has decided to use it to become a strong fighter. Many other women in the show are not as strong or lucky. Many are seen being objectified, physically and sexually abused or paraded naked for the amusement of the masses. 

When asked about her opinion on the highly debated issues, Christie said, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly: “A lot of this show is inspired by actual historical events, and that’s what’s occurring with the women. Women have been treated appallingly in history.”

“Yes, those scenes are difficult, and they should be difficult. They should further illuminate human consciousness about how we interact as human beings,” she explained.

Christie commended the "Game of Thrones" creators for their work. “What this show is doing is shining a light on women and has an exploration of female characters that has rarely been approached before — and I applaud that,” she said.

Season 5 alone featured several scenes that drew criticism. Sansa Stark’s brutal rape scene on her wedding night in the hands of Ramsay Bolton was the most controversial. Worse, her childhood friend Theon Greyjoy was forced to watch. Princess Shireen Baratheon was burned alive as a sacrifice, while Cersei Lannister was publicly shamed naked in the season finale.