After spending a few years in development, game publisher Gameforge and developer Sproing have announced that “Sigils: Battle for Raios” will be released Thursday and be available for the iPad. The game is a mix between an action role-playing game (RPG) and a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA), using the leveling-up system of an action RPG and the massive arena battles of a MOBA.

Like plenty of MOBA games for mobile devices, “Battle for Raios” will be designed to give players short, but engaging skirmishes, making it perfectly suited for mobile devices, according to Pocket Gamer. Most PC MOBA battles can go on for a long time, so it was wise to keep the skirmishes short for mobile gamers.

A report from Polygon states that players will be able to unlock 20 champions throughout the game -- each having unique abilities to which the other champions won’t have access. Each Champion will be placed in a specific character class, which includes the Tank, Damage Dealer or Healer.

Each champion can reach a max level of 18, but unlike other MOBA games, “Sigils: Battle for Raios” will have permanent level-ups, so a player's progress with a champion will not be reset after specific battles. Players will also be abel to equip their preferred champion with a lot of equipment, the most useful being a Sigil -- the game’s namesake. A Sigil can be used to alter a champion’s ability to suit the player’s style of gaming.

Anyone will be able to try this RPG MOBA hybrid, as the game will be a free-to-play title. Gameforge has also promised more champions in the future.

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Sigils LaunchTrailer [EN] (Credit: YouTube/Gameforge)