Garmin Fitness has announced the Fenix Chronox, the company’s luxury sports watch that sells for $899.99. Garmin says that the Chronox combines durable, fashionable design with top-tier technology for health tracking.

The Garmin Fenix Chronox features a 1.2-inch circular Chroma Display that’s protected by a layer of scratch-resistant sapphire glass. It comes with LED backlighting to provide visibility in any lighting conditions. Garmin promises that the device has a 25-hour battery life thanks to its UltraTrac battery saving mode, according to Digital Trends.

The Fenix Chronox is equipped with daily activity tracking which would allow users to monitor the number of steps they’ve taken, calories they’ve burned and it can even keep track of the user’s quality of sleep. The tracker also comes with Garmin Elevate which allows the device to monitor the user’s heart rate all day.

The Chronox also comes with activity profiles, so users will be able to set it to track a particular activity like running, biking, swimming, rowing and golfing. It also comes with omni-directional EXO antenna with GPS and GLONASS satellite to provide accurate location tracking even in areas that may not have good reception.

In addition, Garmin has made the Fenix Chronox a full-fledged smartwatch. Users will simply have to download the Garmin Connect app on their smartphone. When the device is connected to a smartphone, users will be able to use the Chronox to receive alerts for incoming calls, messages and emails. Users can also wirelessly transfer their health data through the Garmin  Connect app and share it on social media.

“High-end design meets top-tier performance with the Fenix Chronox,” Garmin VP of worldwide sales Dan Bartel said. “With luxurious materials and trusted Garmin mutisport technology, Fenix Chronox is a necessary timepiece for anyone who want to remain stylish through all of life’s adventures — whether its hiking through mountains, training for a race, or heading to a formal event.”

The Garmin Fenix Chronox comes in three band models: titanium, stainless steel and leather strap. The smartwatch sells for $899.99 for the leather strap variant, $999.99 for the stainless steel and $1,499.99 for the titanium.