Former Wales manager Gary Speed appeared for his last interview on Football Focus a day before he died Saturday. Speedo's former Leeds United teammate Gary McAllister was with him during the interview.

McAllister, who was one of the last people to see him alive, said that Speed looked pretty normal and had great plans for the future of the Wales team.

He added that Speed was excited about the prospects of his Welsh squad and the appearance of the young talents in the team. The late Gary Speed

McAllister got the shocking news from former Toon captain Alan Shearer and couldn't believe what he heard. According to him, Speedo was always very upbeat and had a perfect dressing sense. He compared Speed with a movie star.

McAllister, who had been Speed's friend for the last 20 years, added that Speedo had never looked depressed and there were no signs to show that he was troubled.

Speed and McAllister developed a great pair when they played together for Leeds United and helped the team win the 1992 title, according to a report.