Gavin Rossdale seems to have learned a lot from his broken marriage and affair rumors with nanny Mindy Mann, while his former wife Gwen Stefani reportedly moves on with her co-worker at “The Voice,” Blake Shelton. Stefani and Rossdale finalized their divorce in August and reports had suggested it was because the “Sweet Escape” singer found out about his affair with their nanny.

A source told E! Online that Rossdale "is not wanting to say anything publicly right now" and is "trying to take the high road." The source added that Rossdale, who was seen Tuesday in Brentwood, Los Angeles, with his one-year-old son and a new nanny, is not in contact with Mann.

“Gavin hasn't spoken about her, and I don't think they've spoken in a while," the source told E! Online, adding that Rossdale "wants to be off the radar right now."

The report also cited another source to say that Mann has been MIA since the cheating allegations were revealed last month. "The last few weeks have been extremely difficult for Mindy," the source, said, according to E! Online, adding: "She has been bombarded with media trying to get her to talk about Gavin and the kids and she isn't wanting to talk. She cares about those kids so much and out of respect for the family wants to keep quiet."

Another source revealed that Stefani had not wanted the news about Mann to be revealed, for the sake of their three children. "The media craze [surrounding her divorce] just annoys her because of the way it can affect kids in situations like this," a source said.

Another source, who talked about Stefani, reportedly said: "Gwen didn't want the news about the nanny to get out for the sake of her kids," adding: "She really wanted to protect them and not have them go through knowing this went on with their father and someone that she trusted. Over the last few weeks, she had begun telling more of her friends what had happened. [But] she is ready to move on and start the next chapter of her life."

A report by TMZ Tuesday, said, citing sources, that Stefani and Rossdale will share custody of their children and the process will include decisions of selecting nannies.