Google makes doodles to celebrate all kinds of significant events, and this month also happens to be Gay Pride Month. So Google decided to put a doodle to it - just not so conspicuously.

When users type in terms such as gay pride, bisexual, lesbian, and the like, one will see a rainbow bordering end of the search bar. (Try it and you'll see.)

Why did Google have to single out this doodle and put it 'under covers' or 'in the closet'?

A lot of gays do not want to be treated differently from their heterosexual counterparts, so why even put a doodle to it?

Meanwhile, the gay community is disappointed with Google for putting the rainbow in a not-so-visible manner. But some critics say Google is hiding it to avoid criticism from anti-gay advocates.

Google's spokeswoman released a statement: We enjoy celebrating holidays and special events at Google. As you may imagine, it's difficult for us to choose which events to celebrate on our site, and have a long list of those we'd like to celebrate in the future.