All the GDC 2012 information you need to know can be found here, from what companies will be at the early March conference in San Francisco, Calif., to rumored announcements and all the details about when and where the annual conference will be hosted this year:

What: The Game Developers Conference 2012 (GDC 2012) is this year's biggest video gaming industry event. The world's largest and longest-running professionals-only game industry event, according to a description on the GDC 2012 Website, it is anticipated all year by game developers, gamers and video game companies. The event attracts 19,000 attendees each year, and this year looks to be no different, as a number of major announcements are anticipated and the biggest companies and pros in the gaming industry are slated to attend. From lectures to displays and networking events to parties, GDC 2012 is always a blast, and a great way to expand your reach within the gaming professionals community.

When: GDC 2012 is fast approaching. The Game Developers Conference 2012 will take place between March 5 to 9, offering four full days of events, while the conference's expo takes place between March 7 and 9.

Where: GDC 2012 will take place at the Moscone Convention Center, located at 747 Howard Street in lovely San Francisco, Calif. For information about how to travel attend the festivities, where to stay, and other logistics, simply visit this link.

How: You must register to attend by Feb. 29, which you can go ahead and do at this link. An all-access pass will set you back $1,950 before that date, or $2,100 on site in San Fran. A main conference pass will $1,350 before the 29th or $1,475 once you get there. There are also cheaper passes for people who want to attend who want to save money or attend only one to three days or only stop in for only selected lectures or events.

Who: The video game's industry biggest players will all be in San Francisco in early March for the conference, so if you're a pro looking to make a move in the industry, it's the only place to be. The Game Developers Conference site invites the following people to attend the GDC: game developers, business development professionals, venture capitalists, studio managers, heads of studios, executive producers, vendor companies/sponsors, career seekers and recruiters.

Dozens of industry companies from Insomniac Games to Sony Computer Entertainment America and Blizzard Entertainment to Facebook will be represented at the event. Many of the companies who plan to be in attendance have sent representatives to introduce various new items or to give talks on a wide range of gaming topics.

Announcements: A number of major announcements are made at each year's Game Developers Conference, and GDC 2012 is shaping up to be no different. EA Maxis recently revealed that it will make an announcement, which set the Web afire with buzz about a possible new SimCity title. Industry folks are also getting excited about what's happening with The Repopulation, and it looks like there is poised to be a big reveal about that title at GDC 2012 as well.

Spiral Game Studios have indicated that it will be making two major announcements at GDC 2012, and it has released a teaser trailer video that has built some anticipation about what looks to be an exciting new game. And the Apple iPad 3 looks poised to be released (though not at GDC 2012) on March 7, right in the middle of the conference date, which would also fuel the excitement.

Watch one of Spiral Game Studios' GDC 2012 teaser trailers below: