Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said Thursday at a conference that he would remain as President Obama's top economic official for the foreseeable future after a report saying he was considering stepping down.

I live for this work, it's the only work I've done, and I believe in it, Geithner said a Chicago conference, according to the New York Times. I'm going to be doing it for the foreseeable future.

Geithner is considering leaving the administration if Obama reaches a deal with congress to raise the federal debt limit, Bloomberg reported, three people familiar with the matter told Bloomberg.

One person told the publication that Geithner has not made a final decision and will not do so until a deal has been reached on the debt.

Geithner has written various letters to lawmakers and testified before Congress that failing to increase the U.S. $14.3 trillion debt limit would be a catastrophic mistake. He has also endorsed the administration's position to not require large spending cuts in order to raise the debt limit, saying both issues should be considered separately.