Kiss frontman Gene Simmons, 62, and onetime Playboy model Shannon Tweed, 54, finally exchanged vows they wrote themselves at the Beverly Hills Hotel on Saturday, in the presence of 400 guests, including Hugh Hefner, Bill Maher and  members Paul Stanley.

Fans were shocked in July at his proposal to Tweed on A&E's Gene Simmons Family Jewels. With two adult children together, they have been a couple for 28 years. Why did they make it official now?

Simmons explained to Entertainment Tonight before the wedding, saying it is time for me to grow up. I'm 62. I've been doing a lot of wacky stuff for an awfully long time … and there's nobody I've ever said, 'I love you,' to.

“I even find it difficult to say, 'I love you,' to my mother. But I love Shannon with all my heart and all my soul, and always will, he said.

I come with so much baggage, you're the only friend I've got. You are the only one I've ever loved, Simmons told Tweed before kneeling down and offering his hand to Tweed although he had promised not to marry.

It is also reported in the Washington Post that “it certainly provides a plot for the new season of his reality show” that is expected to release on Oct. 18.

The bride walked down the aisle wearing an ivory Priscilla of Boston gown and diamonds worth $2.5 millions according to TMZ - apart from her engagement ring - for the first dance of the wedding, to which the couple’s daughter and maid of honor Sophie, 19, offered a fitting song for the newlywed couple: “At Last” by Etta James.