“General Hospital” is going to be very romantic around Valentine’s Day. Julian (William deVry) and Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) are currently engaged, and they will indeed make it down the aisle on the ABC soap opera. Viewers will have to wait until Feb. 19 for their wedding, but the actors are already teasing the dramatic event.

Expect a big church wedding. Grahn was surprised her character, who isn’t very religious, wanted such a traditional ceremony. “It did come out of nowhere,” Grahn admitted to TV Insider. “And Will and I couldn’t help but laugh when we played that scene — and they decided to keep our laughing in the show. Yeah, it makes no sense, but it’s lovely.”

The episode itself is a big deal. It’s happening during February ratings sweeps, so “General Hospital” will try to bring in as many viewers as possible. They’ll pull out all the stops for Julain and Alexis’ wedding day. “The whole thing requires two full shooting days, which is a lot for us,” deVry added. “It’s been a while since ‘GH’ gave the audience an extravagant wedding like this, but it would probably be more appropriate if Alexis and Julian did it simply, quietly, maturely. After all, this is not Alexis’s first time at the rodeo.”

The duo says that the fans’ enthusiasm for Julien and Alexis is why they’re having a big wedding. “The good news is that Nathan Varni at ABC and [executive producer] Frank Valentini are very enthusiastic about Julian and Alexis,” Grahn explained. “They haven’t tried to mess with this relationship or drive it someplace else. They actually appreciate the audience’s loyalty.”

Grahn has been keeping those Julexis shippers excited by teasing the wedding episode on Twitter. She joked with fans about her wedding dress and said that cherry blossoms will be at the wedding. “Laughs aside,” she tweeted. “I promise, #julexis wedding is not to be missed.”

Fans still have a few weeks to wait before the “General Hospital” couple gets hitched. They aren’t taking a break from the drama while planning their nuptials either. SheKnows reports that Julian will have some trouble with his sister Ava (Maura West) this week when he warns her to stay away from Sonny (Marice Bernard). Hopefully, she stays out of trouble on Julian’s big day.

“General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC. Check local listings for times.