In a new video interview, Gennifer Flowers claims former President Bill Clinton contacted her as recently as 2005, many years after their alleged affair.

Flowers, the now 62-year-old woman who rocked the former president's first term when she claimed the two had a 12-year-long affair, said Clinton contacted her right after she had gotten divorced. Flowers spoke with ABC's New Orleans affiliate WGNO while drinking red wine as the cameras rolled.

"I was at home by myself, and the phone rings, it said unavailable, and I picked up the phone and it was him," Flowers said.

"And he wanted to come by my house and talk to me…. I said, No, you can't come over here, no way. And he said, I'll put on a hoodie and I'll jog up there. I said no… And that was it. That would have been 2005."

But many believe Flowers' latest blab session is merely for publicity, just like she did in 2005 when she released her book, “Gennifer Flowers: Passion and Betrayal.” In fact, Flowers alluded to only talking for name recognition, but for Clinton.

“I made him [Clinton] a household name overnight. We had had that discussion. He said, ‘My problem right now is that no one knows who I am. I need that name recognition.’ He went on to talk about the other candidates and the advantages they had. When my story came out, he was a household name.”

Flowers, an actress and model for Penthouse magazine, rocked Clinton's 1992 election campaign when she said she and the then governor of Arkansas had a 12-year relationship. Flowers sold the story to the tabloid Star magazine for a report six figure sum in 1992 despite Clinton's denial of the affair. Eventually, Clinton admitted to having sex with Flowers, but said it only happened once in 1977.

Flowers, who also admitted to having a television show in the works similar to "Real Housewives," also commented on the Petraeus scandal which prompting the firing of the CIA director.

“I’d say good luck. Baby, you better buck it up because it’s going to be one heck of a bull ride,” Flowers said, adding, “What would I tell Paula [Broadwell]? She needs to go buy my book. Call me, Paula. I’ll give you some really good advice. I mean, I have the benefit of 20-20 hindsight at this point.”