Geoffrey Lewis, the father of Oscar-nominated actress Juliette Lewis, died Tuesday at the age of 79. According to Variety magazine, the performer, who appeared in dozens of Clint Eastwood movies, including “Every Which Way But Loose,” died of natural causes in Woodland Hills, California.

The San Diego-born actor is survived by his wife, Paula Hochhalter, and his 10 children, including Juliette, 41, who addressed the death of her father on social media.

“My dad. My dad my dad my dad my dad. My love my dad. My dad. My hero. My dad. My dad my love my loving father,” the 41-year-old actress captioned a touching photo of her and her father on Instagram. “My strength. My might. My friend. My hugs. My laughter. My love. My dad. Oh my heart. My heart. He loved us so. He loved us so. So so much. I am forever my father's daughter and he will never been gone.”

The “Natural Born Killers” actress then took to Twitter to state her gratitude to all those who had sent their condolences and well wishes for her loss. “I can't say the words. Not amount of tears will wash it away,” she began. “Thank u for your out pouring support. Life is love and love never dies.”

In addition to appearing in such films as “The Devil’s Rejects,” “Heaven’s Gate” and “High Plains Drifter,” Geoffrey Lewis was cast in a slew of TV shows. He got a Golden Globe nomination for the 1980s CBS sitcom “Flo,” where he played bartender Earl Tucker.

According to IMDB, Lewis was in the process of filming the 2016 feature “High and Outside” at his death. He is to play Len Harding in the movie, the story of a minor league baseball player who takes desperate measures to keep his career and dream alive.