Eight months after their marriage, Hollywood heartthrob George Clooney recently revealed how he fell in love with his wife Amal Clooney. The reasons, he said, included her fashion sense. “It's amazing, because she’s always -- since the day I met her -- she’s always had this insanely … it’s eccentric but it’s fun, sense of fashion,” the “Tomorrowland” star told ET Online last week.

Clooney gushed about the fact that his human rights lawyer wife keeps up with fashion while she is busy working on 11 cases and even continuing her stint as a guest faculty of human rights at Columbia Law School. Clooney said that in spite of working on so many things together, Amal is very particular about what dress she wants to wear. He also said his 37-year-old bride has great taste. The “Monuments Men” star said they require “another bedroom” in their home for her designer wardrobe.

The actor, who turned 54 on May 6, said he fell in love with Amal for “a number of reasons." Clooney said that apart from being a caring and amazing human being, the British-Lebanese beauty is also reportedly one of the smartest people the actor has met and also has a great sense of humor. 

But the couple doen’t agree on sports. Clooney said that when he watches sports, it frustrates her. Kentucky native Clooney said he got Amal to watch this year's NCAA college basketball tournament, in which he rooted for the University of Kentucky. He added that watched the games was difficult for her, but the following weekend he had her watching the Masters golf tournament as well. But apparently that was too much TV sports for her.

“She makes me turn the TV off now and suggests we play music or ­something else but not watch sports,” Clooney said.

Clooney said they celebrated his birthday with a “little party,” but there was no Porsche or blender from Amal as birthday gifts. On May 4, the couple attended the 2015 Met Gala event at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. It was their first appearance on the Met red carpet as a married couple. The actor looked dapper in a Giorgio Armani black tuxedo, but Amal stole the show in her Maison Margiela Couture gown by John Galliano. Clooney’s “Tomorrowland” will hit theaters May 22.

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