It’s no secret that Hollywood A-listers George Clooney and Julia Roberts are great friends, but the stars reportedly stepped into cheating territory. The report comes by way of the National Enquirer, so it’s no great surprised that Gossip Cop debunked the story.

“We’ve confirmed [the story] is fabricated,” Gossip Cop wrote Wednesday. “Enough with the shenanigans. There was no actual ‘cheating’ between George and Julia, and there’s no divorce from Amal on the horizon. Furthermore, there’s no feud between the two women, either.”

Still, the National Enquirer’s cover story might be hard for some readers to ignore. It reads: “George & Julia caught cheating! Humiliated Amal demands $220 million divorce.” On the side it adds, “[The] kiss that destroyed both their marriages.” Clooney married international lawyer and human rights activist Amal Alamuddin in 2013, and Roberts has been married to cinematographer Daniel Moder since 2002.

The women are at “each other’s throats — and their feud threatens to end in [George’s] $220 million divorce,” an insider said. Alamuddin “warned ‘Pretty Woman’ Julia to keep her hands off her husband.” The source added: “Amal has had enough! She’s sick and tired of watching George cozy up to Julia.”

Alamuddin, 38, feels like Roberts, 48, is more important to Clooney, according to the Enquirer. “Amal feels like there’s only room for one woman in George’s life — and that’s Julia,” the source said. “She can never compete with their long history, and now Amal wants out. She wants a divorce — and it’s going to be expensive!”

Despite what the National Enquirer wrote, the “Money Monster” star gushed about his wife in a new interview. "I've never been happier in a relationship by any stretch of the imagination," the 55-year-old actor told the Deccan Chronicle Tuesday. "At 52 I found the love of my life and I'm really happy."

“Money Monster,” which also stars Roberts, opened in theaters May 13.

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