A judge has scheduled a tentative trial date for George Zimmerman, the man who killed unarmed Florida teen Trayvon Martin in February in a case that shook the nation and sparked protests on both sides, according to the Washington Post.

Circuit Judge Debra Nelson, who took over the case from Judge Kenneth Lester after an appeals court suggested that he be removed for making disparaging remarks about Zimmerman’s character, set the trial date for June 10.

Still, a number of important appeals and hearings will take place before the trial that could leave its date in jeopardy.

The next important hearing takes place on Friday, where Nelson will hear arguments from the defense to subpoena Martin’s school records, according to Time. At the time of his death, the 17-year-old Martin had been suspended from his high school after being caught with a small bag that contained marijuana residue.

There also is a hearing in front of Nelson in April or May regarding the 29-year-old Zimmerman’s “Stand Your Ground” defense, centered around his claim that he was attacked by Martin and only acted to protect himself. If Nelson sides with Zimmerman, the case could be tossed out before ever going to trial.

While Zimmerman has been free on bail, the high-profile case has taken a number of twists and turns. In addition to two changes in judge, Zimmerman’s wife has been charged with perjury regarding her testimony about family funds, and her husband has considered bringing suit against NBC for selectively editing his 911 calls in a manner that he says defamed him.