Gerard Depardieu's flight incident where he urinated on the floor of a plane to Dublin was due to a dodgy prostate, according his travelling companion.

French actor Depardieu was thrown off a flight from Paris to Dublin on Tuesday night after he insisted on urinating in the plane when he was refused the use of the bathroom by a hostess prior to take-off.

The actor was reported to have shouted I need to piss, I need to piss before his co-star from the Asterix, Edouard Baer, passed him a small Evian bottle, which ended up overflowing and spilling to the floor, The Telegraph reported

The flight was delayed in the Paris Charles de Gaulle airport for 2 hours while the carpet was cleaned.

Baer said the incident was down to health problems. No one is flattered to have a dodgy prostate and be obliged to urinate. But the (hostess) panicked and said the plane must stay on the tarmac, he told the Europe 1 radio.

Other passengers who were one the plane said Depardieu appeared to be drunk, France 24 reported. You could see that he had been drinking, but there were no comments. The hostess was shocked but there was no argument, nothing, said the passenger.

According to Baer, Depardieu was trying to urinate as discretely as possible and has apologized for the spillage onto the carpet of the plane.

Meanwhile, the story has become an internet sensation, thanks to Anderson Cooper who had a laughing fit on air while reading a series of puns: The actor had created his own jet stream; I wonder if he flies Incontinental; it was Depardieu's No. 1 role.

When he read Depar-doo, he broke out into a fit of laughter: