Mobile fans may be in for a treat, as a number of games from Kemco are part of this week’s Humble Bundle. Kemco is mostly known for its Japanese roleplaying games (RPGs) and the number of these games they release per year, so fans of the JRPG genre may want to check out this Hunble Bundle.

The Humble Bundle page shows that fans can get three Kemco games for only one dollar. Fans that beat the average price and pay six dollars can unlock three more Kemco games and a "secret game" that will be revealed soon.

More games from Kemco are expected to be unlocked when this Humble Bundle reaches $100,000 buys. As of this writing, this Humble Bundle has almost reached $100,000, but still has a long way to go before reaching its other intended goals.

As for the games themselves, Pocket Gamer reports that those who pay one dollar can get:

  • “Eve of the Genesis HD”
  • “Eclipse of Illusion”
  • “Symphony of the Origin”

Those willing to spend more than the average price will be able to get the three aforementioned titles and these games:

  • “Legend of Ixtona”
  • “Fortuna Magus”
  • Silver Nornir

So far, these are the only games that have been announced for the Humble Bundle, though more will be announced later this week. Anyone interested in these titles can go to the Humble Bundle website and choose a charity to donate to. Afterwards, they simply have to pay through paypal or with a credit card.

Although these Kemco games are available for both iOS and Android, the bundle itself only supports Android devices. Interestingly enough, once purchased the Kemco games become DRM Free, though some of the games have system requirements in order to be played.

Together, these games cost $49.99, not including the games that are part of the bonus goals, so this is as cheap as these games are going to get, unless they become free. Fans, who would like a good JRPG experience on his or her Android device, may want to consider picking up the Humble Bundle. It is for a good cause after all.

Eve of the Genesis - Gameplay (Android Version) (Credit: YouTube/KemcoGames)