Fans of the “Ghostbusters” movie franchise were hoping for a third installment, even if Bill Murray allegedly tore up the script, but it seems after Harold Ramis’ death there’s practically no chance it will happen -- at least with the original cast.

There are some who were saying that Ramis could come back as a ghost in the movie. It seems like that’s a definite possibility after the Tupac Shakur hologram, but it doesn’t seem like Murray, Dan Aykroyd or Ernie Hudson would be interested in making subsequent film after their friend’s death.

In fact, Hudson is convinced there will not be another film after Ramis died Monday from a rare blood disease at the age of 69. He told TMZ: “Harold was the glue – there wouldn’t be a ‘Ghostbusters’ without Harold… There can’t be another Ghostbusters without Harold… My fear was always that something would happen before we all got together (again).”

He paid tribute to his friend: “He was a great guy and it’s a great loss. (He was a) great director, great producer, writer, actor – I mean he did it all…”

And he even attributed his Hollywood success to Ramis: “I knew I probably wouldn’t be in the business had I not had the chance to work with Harold at the start of my career,” he said. “He taught me a lot… He was a good friend, he’ll be missed.”

But don't count “Ghostbusters 3” out just yet. The movie could be made with an entirely new, and presumably younger, cast, Variety wrote back in 2008. "While original cast members Harold Ramis, Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd and Ernie Hudson could return, it’s believed that the film will pass the torch to a new group of ghost chasers.”

Before Ramis’ death, “Superbad” co-stars Jonah Hill and Emma Stone were reportedly offered roles in the film. The gossip was supplied by, who wrote that Stone would play "Anna" and Hill would play “Jeremy.” Unfortunately, there isn’t any further information on who those characters are.

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