When you’re friends with 10-time Grammy-winning singer Taylor Swift, it’s only natural that people would be curious to know what you do when you hang out together.

So when supermodel Gigi Hadid appeared on the "Today" show, host Matt Lauer asked how she spent Halloween. Everybody knows Hadid had a fun time with Swift and the rest of her squad, which included the likes of Martha Hunt, Camila Cabello, Lily Donaldson and birthday-girl Kennedy Rayé. But Hadid remained coy about the details, answering, “We were all working so my friend had a little ‘girl’s night’ at her house.”

Hadid added that they had a low-key affair, snacking on chips, guacamole, and pizza. “Halloween was really cool,” she said.

As for her costume, Hadid said she had a spur-of-the-moment idea to dress up as a cub scout. “I had a really, really intense costume planned, and then I was like, ‘Maybe I’ll save it,’” she said.

Going for a cub scout costume instead, the supermodel revealed that she bought her shirt while travelling. “I found a Cub Scouts shirt in Japan at a vintage store,” she said. “I made a costume out of it!”

As for Swift, she put on a Deadpool costume, which she borrowed from close friend Blake Lively’s husband, Ryan Reynolds.

Aside from the star-studded Halloween party, Hadid discussed what it’s like to be considered an “It Girl.”